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Film, TV and Radio - Consultancy Services 

  • Script reading and editing and advising for scientific accuracy.

  • Future projections.

  • Suggested means of depicting and conveying difficult science for art departments and set decoration.

  • Simulating and visual modelling scientific principles and concepts.

Film, TV and Radio - Science Commentary and Media

  • Available for interview on topics relating to space (astronomy exoplanetary/planetary sciences and solar system sciences) and Earth Sciences (climate sciences, instrumentation and atmospheric processes). 

  • Media trained (The Royal Society)

  • Providing scientific and general public lectures and presentations 

Science and Art

  • Providing science advice for a wide variety of art projects

  • Grant application writing.

  • Access to and providing connections to a large science community and access to national scientific facilities. 

Simulated flight from Earth to Zeta Reticuli 

- "Prometheus"

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